Our Service

Where we've been leads us to the next steps in service.

Lillian, Alabama September 2020

Shortly after Hurricane Sally, our team headed south to Lillian, Alabama. We fed over 3000 meals in a week. This was our first adventure into what is becoming a fantastic ministry.


A big blessing comes our way

Shortly after our return from Lillian, we were given the incredible gift of a mobile kitchen and truck. Now, we have the means to feed more people affected by disasters and to serve in a more efficient manner. Although the truck and mobile kitchen requires a few updates, it'll be a month or so before it is usable.


In the mean time....along comes Delta

Hurricane Delta ravaged an already damaged Lake Charles, Louisiana. Our team headed into Louisiana a few days after Delta came ashore where we found a new group of friends just South of Lake Charles at the Open Gate Cowboy Church. We served almost 4000 meals in a week.


Selma, Alabama after Hurricane Zeta October 2020

Our third Hurricane trip of 2020....Zeta damaged a wide swath of Rural Alabama. Dallas County had almost 80 percent of it's residents without power. No electricity means no hot food, so we loaded our team and headed to The Ebenezer Baptist Missionary Church in Selma. We stayed 3 days and served 2500 meals.


Tuscaloosa Community Soup Bowl

An ongoing element of our mission is assisting the local Community Soup kitchen. Thus far (October 2020-present) we have cooked and delivered 2300 pounds of smoked chicken and pork to serve our less-fortunate friends.


Preparing for Hurricane Season 2021

We spent the first half of 2021 preparing for the upcoming Hurricane Season. We now have dedicated climate controlled storage for canned goods, over 2000 pounds of frozen chicken and enough dry goods to enable our team to cook and serve over 12,000 meals. 


More blessings!

One of our biggest challenges is re-supply. Carrying enough plates, utensil kits, paper products and food for 12,000 meals takes quite a bit of space. So, a kind benefactor added a new piece of equipment to our stable. A 24' supply trailer. With built-in smoker/grill capable of cooking 450 burgers or 45 Boston butts at a time. 


Want to join the team?

We're always looking for more volunteer team members. The need is great, but the workers are few. We'd love to hear from you and to add you to this group of guys working to make a difference.